September 24, 2023

Magic Spoon Cereal is Keto and Delicious

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Magic Spoon cereal is keto and delicious, and it comes in 4 amazing flavors. Thank goodness, someone has made our keto breakfast dreams come true. Magic Spoon cereal is a throw-back to all of our childhood favorites.

When we first started in on our keto journey, one of the things we missed was a quick and easy breakfast. Yes, a low sugar yogurt might do the trick in a pinch, but Magic Spoon cereal is where it’s at. You’ll love this cereal, but you’ll love even more that it keeps you on your keto goals.

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Flavor #1 – Fruity Magic Spoon

If you like Fruity Pebbles, you will LOVE the Fruity Magic Spoon. The fruity flavor is reminiscent of those pebbles, and even Fred Flintstone would be hard-pressed to say no to them. At 13g – 14g of protein per serving (net carbs of about 4g), you won’t be sad you tried these. Even better, there are no artificial colors, so you can feel extra healthy.

Flavor #2 – Cocoa Magic Spoon

The Cocoa Magic Spoon gives you that burst of chocolate flavor, and it keeps you on your keto goals. Even better, it does it with 0g of sugar per serving. That sounds like some sorcery to us!

Flavor #3 – Peanut Butter Magic Spoon

Peanut Butter Magic Spoon is a hearty and delicious bowl reminiscent of Reese’s Puffs. All the Magic Spoon cereals are grain free, which means they are gluten free and also contain no rice or soy.

Flavor #4 – Frosted Magic Spoon

Tony the Tiger has nothing on Frosted Magic Spoon. These sweet tasting O’s are only 0.5-1.5g saturated fats from a blend of high-oleic sunflower oil and avocado oil. So so tasty!

So is Magic Spoon Cereal keto? You bet, and you need to get yourself a variety pack today so you can try all the flavors!

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