September 24, 2023

Liquid I.V. Helps Battle Water Loss From The Keto Diet

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Liquid I.V. wasn’t the first thing we heard about when starting the keto diet, but boy is it important to maintaining our healthy keto lifestyle! By staying healthy and hydrated, we are even more successful in curbing cravings, fighting hunger, and maintaining our keto diet plan. Now this hydrating drink mix is something we don’t want to live without.

#1 – Hydration is crucial to managing cravings.

Like most beginners of the keto diet, we tried a lot of different recipes and foods before finding the right balance. The first few weeks of a lifestyle change can be difficult, and you might find yourself craving foods that fall outside keto guidelines. Often, this is because you aren’t staying fully hydrated and your body craves anything that might bring it hydration. By staying hydrated, you can help curb cravings. Because Liquid I.V. is keto-friendly, you can easily maintain hydration while fighting these cravings. Plus, the sweet taste of Liquid I.V. will help to indulge your sweet tooth.

#2 – Liquid I.V.s Hydration Multiplier is an ideal solution for battling dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Electrolytes are an important part of hydration. By maintaining your hydration levels, your electrolytes stay in check. This is important, and Liquid I.V. hydrates you faster than water. Electrolytes serve a number of purposes, including maintaining fluid levels in your bloodstream, keeping your pH levels of your blood within a normal range, and helping muscles contract. When electrolytes are imbalanced, a lot of things fall out of place, and this sometimes leads to hunger cravings.

#3 – Liquid I.V. is low calorie and keto-friendly.

Although the net carb count for Liquid I.V. is 12g per serving, the benefits are worth it. By staying hydrated, you’ll have fewer cravings for salt and other sugars. With only 50 calories per serving, one Liquid I.V. drink is as effective as drinking 2 – 3 bottles of water and has 3x the amount of electrolytes and half the sugar of other sports drink beverages. It’s worth every carb! If you plan your day accordingly, the net carbs can be balanced out through your other meals.

#4 – Liquid I.V. has a wide selection of flavors made with safe ingredients!

Made with non-GMO and both gluten-free and vegan ingredients, this drink is beyond healthy. Try out different flavors to see what fits best with your diet and your cravings. Our favorite flavors include:

A packet a day can even be a great benefit for you on your keto cheat days!

For more information on the Keto Diet and some great products to help you stay on track, check out our Essential Keto Tool Kit.

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