March 28, 2023

6 Delicious Wendy’s Keto Options

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wendys keto options

These 6 delicious Wendy’s keto options will make the trip through the drive through worth the cost of fuel, which we know is high these days. If you’re on a keto diet, Wendy’s has some amazing keto options that we recommend you try! Not only are they delicious, but they won’t break your net carb count. And what’s better than enjoying some low carb Wendy’s any day of the week?

#1 Wendy’s Keto Option – Dave’s Single (No Bun)

Wendy’s fresh and never frozen hamburgers are about as delicious as it gets. Order a Dave’s Single with no bun and no tomato, and you can to enjoy the beefy deliciousness without all the carbs. Because it can be served on a platter with fork and knife, it’s easy to eat on the go. And, you can request the condiments of your choice!

Pro Tip: Request your Dave’s Single as a lettuce wrap and the Wendy’s team will make sure your sandwich is handheld and ready to go! We’ve never tried it, but we bet you could even eat one in the car! Or a motorcycle if you’re really wild.

#2 Wendy’s Keto Option – Grilled Avocado BLT Chicken Sandwich

The Grilled Avocado BLT Chicken Sandwich is a favorite of those who frequent Wendy’s. Order it with no tomato and no bun to make it as keto friendly as possible. All that avocado will have you feeling full in no time! Plus, you’ll love the savory bacon. The combination of chicken, bacon and avocado is to die for.

#3 Wendy’s Keto Option – Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad

Craving something a bit more on the healthy side? Order the Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad. With avocado, Applewood smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese and a southwest ranch dressing all mixed in with freshly grilled chicken, this salad will fill you up. It definitely won’t leave you feeling guilty. Order the salad without tomatoes to bring the carb count even lower!

All this talk of Wendy’s making you hungry? Get yourself a Wendy’s gift card today so you can enjoy some ASAP! Gift one to your friends and family. We promise they will thank you.

#4 Wendy’s Keto Option – Baconator Double

Feeling extra hungry? Order yourself a Baconator Double and enjoy two hot slices of always fresh never frozen beef and bacon to boot. Even without the bun, you won’t be hungry after chowing down on this burger! We can’t believe how full we feel after ordering this beast of a sandwich.

Pro Tip: Wendy’s offers a Breakfast version of the Baconator, and it is the most fantastic way to start your morning. Eggs and bacon is a great way to start the day, but don’t forget to ask for cheese! You won’t regret the addition.

#5 Wendy’s Keto Option – Peppercorn Mushroom Melt

If you’re feeling like you need to spice up your burger game, then we recommend checking out the Peppercorn Mushroom Melt with no bun or onions. At a net carb count of only 5g, this savory and delicious burger has the kick you’re looking for in a meal. The peppercorn is to die for. It’s so delicious, we guarantee it will become part of your regular ordering routine at Wendy’s.

#6 Wendy’s Keto Option – Grilled Asiago Ranch Club

Although Wendy’s is known for its always fresh never frozen beef patties, they also know how to cook a chicken. If you order the Grilled Asiago Ranch Club sandwich (no bun, of course!) you get a taste for their chicken cooking expertise. This sizzling chicken breast is grilled to perfection and topped with asiago cheese, creamy ranch, Applewood smoked bacon and lettuce. Order it with no tomatoes and reduce the carb count even further!

Check out Wendy’s Nutrition page for more info on how to mix and match their offerings to make them keto friendly. Try something new! Experimenting is always best as you delve into keto. You have to find what works best for you.

For more information on how to incorporate the Keto Diet to your lifestyle, check out our Essential Keto Tool Kit to help you get started on your path to happiness today.

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