December 2, 2023

5 Delicious KFC Keto Options for Keto Fast Food Lovers

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You might think we are crazy for even suggesting that you can eat keto at KFC, but we promise, we’re not! With a little ingenuity, you can enjoy some chicken (even fried!) and still stay in ketosis. With delicious options and stores available across the country, KFC keto options are widely available.

#1 KFC Keto Option – Grilled Chicken

Savory, juicy and delicious, the grilled chicken options at KFC are a perfect addition to your keto diet. But with wings, thighs, drumsticks and breasts available, you’ve got options. And do you know the best part? All of them come in at 0g net carbs.

Pro Tip: For dipping sauce, stick to buttery spread, ranch or hot sauce to keep your net carbs down.

#2 KFC Keto Option – Green Beans

If you’re looking to make a meal at KFC, look no further than the green beans. This healthy addition has only 2g of net carbs, and it will round out your veggie intake for the day. Plus, green beans are a delicious staple to any southern meal.

#3 KFC Keto Option – Nashville Hot Chicken Wing or Drumstick

If you’re a fan of spicy, these wings and drumsticks are for you. Breaded and with a kick of spice, these bad boys will fill you up, and both come in at about 5g of net carbs. They are perfect for a cheat day or a day when you’re craving a bit of breading.

Secondly, as an added bonus, the spice will help kickstart your metabolism!

#4 KFC Keto Option – Side Caesar or House Salad

We know, we know. Salad is a go-to option for keto lovers everywhere. But, the side salads at KFC are a perfect addition to your overall keto meal. Both these salad options come in at 1g net carb, and depending on the dressing you choose, you can keep it super low carb.

The buttermilk dressing is only 1g net carb, and the house Italian is only 2g! If you’re feeling like splurging a bit, try the 4g net carb creamy parmesan caesar dressing.

#5 KFC Keto Option – Unsweetened Iced Tea

Lastly, add an unsweetened iced tea to your meal. KFC knows teas, and theirs is wonderful! However, stay away from the sweetened teas — they are full of carbs!

Pro Tip: Check out the KFC’s website nutrition calculator to play around with add-on options like sauces, for instance.

If you’re looking for the best way to incorporate the keto diet into your life, check out our Essential Keto Tool Kit.

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